Huguette Labelle

Chair of the Board of Directors of Transparency International, former Chancellor of the University of Ottawa, former President of the Canadian International Development Agency

“I was so caught in the text that I had to read every word – I would recommend it to Universities as compulsory reading in a number of disciplines and to staff in government and in multilateral organizations. The Board rooms of corporations could also benefit from its content…There is much more that can be said about what inspires the reader but for me it is that hope is better than despair since it can be the source of action, that fighting corruption and preventing it is a global and societal priority project and that its neglect will continue to wreak havoc in the stability of our world and the lives and livelihoods of the world’s people.”

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Professor Mark Pieth

Chairman of the OECD Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions

“Frank Vogl presents a fascinating account of the emergence of the worldwide anti-corruption story over the last two decades. It is a long missing contribution adding the personal touch to the usual fare.”

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Professor Michael Johnston

Charles A. Dana Professor of Political Science, Colgate University

“Waging War on Corruption provides a much-needed retrospective, and overall assessment, concerning the contemporary anti-corruption movement. Transparency International and related groups seemingly came out of nowhere a generation ago, but Frank Vogl shows how long-term influences shaped anti-corruption agendas and strategies. Today, political events, new technology, and the movement’s own successes in shifting the global agenda are creating fresh challenges. Vogl’s book offers an essential discussion of those dynamics, and of what those concerned with justice and accountability must do in the years to come.”

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Elena A. Panfilova

General Director, Center for Anti-corruption Research and Initiative Transparency International – Russia

“I always wished for a book like this: a book about where Transparency International came from, how we all became a part of it, what we stand for and what we all are doing to make our dreams come true.

There is a big need for this story in our society – in Russia these days: because Frank Vogl’s book shows that everything is possible, that civic activism has a chance to push through even the hardest of agendas, that there are heroes among us such as TI’s founders, who decided to make a difference and here we are – TI chapters now actively work all over the globe; more and more people are joining our cause; and, governments in more and more countries are putting anti-corruption at the top of their agenda.

I plan to buy many copies of this book and give it to my students, to my colleagues, to people in government and in business – I will give it to all those who lost hope, who think that David of civic activism is too weak to confront the Goliath of injustice, poverty and corruption. This book proves that this is simply not true.”

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José Ugaz

Peruvian criminal defense attorney, professor of criminal law and former Special State Attorney for the Fujimori and Montesinos case

“This is a fascinating and complete source book on corruption. The author, who has committed part of his life to struggle against this human calamity, shares global stories with us about the impact of corruption; the origins of Transparency International — the champion NGO in the anti-corruption fight; he names and shame corrupt leaders, highlights major cases; and tells us about courage. Even though fighting corruption is a huge challenge and seems like an impossible mission, Vogl presents an optimistic view of the future of what he describes as a “very long war” driven by the actions of numerous heroes around the world.”

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Cobus de Swardt

Managing Director, Transparency International

“Frank Vogl describes the global rise of awareness of the devastating effects of corruption on millions of people around the world. Through the lens of fascinating human stories, he vividly illustrates the importance of individuals standing up against corruption and making the demand for transparency and accountability in politics and public life one of the key social challenges of our time.”

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Michela Wrong

Author of “It’s Our Turn to Eat  – The Story of a Kenyan Whistle Blower.”

“There are few men who can rival Frank Vogl’s insight and historic knowledge of the global fight against corruption. As a journalist and World Bank staffer, he saw sleaze’s terrible impact up close. He went on to co-found the mould-breaking anti-corruption organization Transparency International, and can call a host of fearless activists his friends. This book is an authoritative, wide-ranging and clear over-view of a struggle the world can no longer ignore.”

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James A. Thurber

Distinguished University Professor, Director, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, Founder of the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute, American University. Author of works on ethics and lobbying.

“Frank Vogl has been a leading warrior against corruption, injustice and poverty in the world for many decades. Waging War on Corruption is a provocative and timely account of the linkage of graft, government and corporate corruption and poverty in the world and what should be done about it. As a key person in the creation, leadership, and success of Transparency International, the world’s leading anti-corruption organization, Vogl is one of the most knowledgeable authorities on how to fight graft and corruption throughout the world. Whether it is corrupt local police, graft associated with the international arms trade, or the corrosive actions of political villains throughout the world, Vogl knows the topic from firsthand experience and quality data analysis. Waging War on Corruption should be read by government and corporate leaders, academics, reform activists, journalists, and citizens of the world that want to stop poverty and injustice stemming from graft and corruption.”

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Delia Ferreira Rubio

Political scientist, Argentina; winner of the 2011 Joe C. Baxter Award from the International Foundation for Electoral Systems

“Frank Vogl’s book is an important contribution to the fight against corruption—it will especially help young people to see the film and not just the photo, and so recognize that although slow and difficult, change is possible. As the author beautifully describes it, ‘There is an Everest of corruption still to climb. Two decades ago we could look at the mountain from afar and dream. Today, we have reached base camp. We are living the dream.’”

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Devendra Raj Panday

A leader of the Nepal citizens for democracy movement, former Minister of Finance.

“If corruption is a “crime against humanity” as Frank Vogl asserts, nothing less than the future of human civilization is at stake here. Frank’s authentic account of the struggle — the challenges and the accomplishments — should inform and inspire everyone fighting “the war” against corruption today, and tomorrow.”

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Dr. Kamal Hossain

Arrested by Pakistan in Bangladesh’s war of liberation, he served as Bangladesh’s Minister of Law, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Petroleum and Energy.

“An invaluable account by one of the Founders of TI’s of the organization’s origins and its evolving role as a global movement, sharing his rich insights gained from continued and active involvement in the movement.”

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