Presentation To The Commonwealth ACAS Meeting


Accra, Ghana


Ladies and gentlemen it is an honor to be with you today at the start of this conference as together we seek to find paths to enhance coordination of agendas within the Commonwealth to fight corruption.

Today, I want to leave you with two central thoughts on this topic: first, we have seen two decades of increasing cooperation among a rising number of players across the world around the central mission of eliminating corruption; second, we have enormous opportunities to build on the progress and so work jointly as partners to forge outcomes that benefit all peoples.

In this regard I am going to suggest seven areas where the exchanges of views between Anti-Corruption Agencies (ACAs) and partnerships with civil society can secure further progress in our joint fight against graft: intensifying cooperation; enhancing public trust; strengthening experrtise on public procurement; increasing the focus on political activities and asset declarations; reviewing the scope of ACA activities in a rapidly changing world; stressing attention to private sector developments as foreign direct investment into sub-Saharan reaches new records this year; finding still better ways to build transparency – notably with regard to access to information, protecting whistleblowers, and working with civil society to promote the rule of law.

By corruption I am referring to the abuse of public office for personal gain.

My greatest concern relates to corruption and security: human security and international security...

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