Annual Meeting of International Economists - Aix en Provence 2012 and the Reuters TV Trustlaw Interview

Please enjoy the panel discussion:- 

"Every time there is an action of corruption there is a victim...."

REUTERS this interview on the impact on the poor of corruption ...

October 11, 2012

WASHINGTON (TrustLaw) – Frank Vogl, a founding member of Transparency International and author of a new book “Waging War Against Corruption”, says the building blocks are in place to conquer corruption.  But he warns against complacency and calls upon civil society groups to aggressively monitoring public funds and for the World Bank to stop financing corrupt governments.

Frank Vogl talks to Thomson Reuters Foundation about his latest book. In this highly readable primer “Waging War on Corruption”, Frank Vogl, a former journalist and World Bank communications manager, describes how a band of former World Bank officials and lawyers angered by seeing development aid line the pockets of government and business elites, decided to do something about it.

Reporter: Stella Dawson