Is The Anti-Corruption Movement Making Progress?

The anti-corruption movement has made progress on many fronts in many countries over the last quarter century. The journey toward substantial elimination of corruption is long, the obstacles formidable and the skepticism ever- present.

This detailed paper traces the progress that the anticorruption movement has made on many issues in many countries. The paper highlight today’s key challenges. The paper was prepared for a conference at York University, Canada, November 5-7, 2015 titled “Educating for Integrity.”

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Presentation To The Commonwealth ACAS Meeting

Today, I want to leave you with two central thoughts on this topic: first, we have seen two decades of increasing cooperation among a rising number of players across the world around the central mission of eliminating corruption; second, we have enormous opportunities to build on the progress and so work jointly as partners to forge outcomes that benefit all peoples.

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