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Frank has been engaged with global economics, banking, governance and anti-corruption for more than 40 years, as a journalist, as a World Bank senior official, as an anti-corruption civil society leader, and as a top level advisor to financial institutions.  Frank is President of Vogl Communications Inc., which has provided advice to leaders of international finance for more than two decades.

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Integrity Profile – read Columbia University Law’s School interview.

Held Positions

Adjunct professor, Department of Governm,ent, Georgetown University, USA.

Co-founder and former Vice Chairman/Advisor to the MD/Member of the Advisory Council
Transparency International (TI)

Co-founder/Member of the Board of Directors and former Vice Chairman, 
Partnership for Transparency Fund

International Council Member
New Israel Fund 

Advisory Council Member
United Nations Association of the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area

Treasurer & Director

Viktor Kalabis & Zuzana Ruzickova Foundation



Born in London, lives and works in Washington, D.C.
U.S. and U.K. citizen.
B.A. University of Leeds, UK. 

1967-1970 - International reporter for Reuters in London and Brussels

1970-1974 - European Business Correspondent, The Times of London, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

1974-1981 - U.S. Economics Correspondent, The Times of London, Washington DC.
Contributor in this period to The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Newsday, The Los Angeles Times and others. 

1981-1990 - World Bank, Director of Information.

1990 - Founded Vogl Communications, Inc.

1990 - Current President of Vogl Communications advising major institutions on communications in the fields of economics, finance and development.





“Civil Society, Business and Corruption” – The Global Corruption Report, 2009 (Transparency International).

“Global Corruption: Applying Experience and Research to Meet a Mounting Crisis” – Business & Society Review, June 2007, Blackwell Publishing.

“The U.S. Business Scandals: Perspectives on Ethics and Culture at Home and Abroad,”– Corporate Integrity & Accountability, July 2004, Sage Publications, Edited by George C. Brenkert, Georgetown University.

“BOOM: Visions And Insights For Creating Wealth In The 21st Century” by Frank Vogl and James Sinclair, published in 1996 in the US by Irwin (and also published in the UK and in Brazil).

“Germany After the Economic Miracle” (published by MacMillan in the UK in 1973 and John Wiley in the US in 1974).




Please visit the Lecture pages on this website to read lectures over the last four years given by Frank Vogl in many countries on many topics related to corruption - from justice and politics to security, and poverty. excerpt below from the annual meeting of the Le Circle des Economistes, Aix-en-Provence, summer 2012. 


Julia Vogl

The lecture pages on this website feature the art of Julia Vogl, a London-based artist, whose work aims to engage the public and involve the public explicitly in the creation and development of each of her many projects, from large-scale public installations, to her drawings and designs. Please visit her website to learn more and see more, of her work:  JULIA VOGL