Waging War On Corruption

Inside The Movement Fighting The Abuse Of Power

Table of Contents

This book is dedicated to the remarkable people who created, built and lead Transparency International (TI). Through their vision, bravery and tenacity, TI, founded in 1993, has become the world’s leading not-for-profit anticorruption organization.

This book is also dedicated to the individuals who have established and expanded the Partnership for Transparency Fund (PTF). PTF has become a superb catalyst for channeling finance and knowledge to civil society organizations across the developing world that are on the front lines in the war on corruption.



Part One – Drama

Chapter 1 – Waking Up

Citizen engagement; Corruption is universal; Greed; Globalized Networks for Reform; Transparency.

Chapter 2 – Corruption Crimes        

Crimes against Humanity. Economic Crimes. Crimes against Taxpayers. Corruption Damages Peace and Security.

Chapter 3 – Victims    

Victims in developing countries of poverty, of health catastrophes, of corruption in broader public services. Victims of business corruption. Victims in leading industrial countries. economies, from municipal corruption to the excessive influence of money in national politics.

Chapter 4 – Activists

Individuals Make the Difference.  Setting the Stage for an Assault on Corruption. Creating Transparency International.  TI’s Objectives. Building a Movement. Partnership for Transparency Fund.  Key Organizations Pushing the Agenda.

Chapter 5 – Political Villains              

Grand Corruption. Ranking the Villains – the CPI. Villains Everywhere: Greece; Chicago; Cuba; China; Singapore; Indonesia; Russia.  Western powers add support. The United Nations Example.

Chapter 6 – Business Villains

Oligarch Madness. Business Villains. Siemens. Halliburton-KBR.

Chapter 7 – Global Security              

Terrorists. Nuclear Weapons. Arms Sales. Obama Speaks Out. Nation Building: Iraq & Afghanistan. Natural Resources.


Part Two – Action

Chapter 8 – The New Age of Transparency: Media & Research

Intensifying the Media Focus on Corruption. Censorship. Investigative Reporting. Research.

Chapter 9 – Justice and Democracy

Corruption and Justice. An Independent Judiciary. Courageous Public Prosecutors. Endemic Police Graft. Establishing Democracy.

Chapter 10 – Criminalizing Bribe Paying – It Started with Watergate

Preparing the Ground for the FCPA.  Exposing Corporate Bribery. Lockheed and Japan. International Silence.

Chapter 11 – Finally Officials Embrace Anti-Corruption

World Bank. OECD.  Regional Agreements.  European Union. The United Nations.


Part Three – The Challenges Ahead

Chapter 12 – Justice and the Demand for Good Governance

Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs). Involving aid agencies mobilizing civil society monitors.

Chapter 13 – The G20 Sets a Bold Agenda

Lobbying for change. The G20 Action Plan. Securing further G20 progress.

Chapter 14 – Shaping Solutions I

Development Assistance. The Arms Trade. Oil, Gas and Mining.

Chapter 15 – Shaping Solutions II
Anti-Money-Laundering & Repatriation of Stolen Assets.

Business Bribe-Paying.

Chapter 16 – Moving Ahead
Complacency, culture and corruption. A sense of balance. A tipping point Leaders. Building understanding and support. Defending Civil Society. Winning.

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